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Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems (TOOLS 26)

Program Committee

Keynote Presentations

Isoquantic Shift - The Third Age of Computing
John C. Dvorak, Columnist/Author/Speaker, USA

Can We Make Componentware Succeed?
Bertrand Meyer, Interactive Software Engineering, USA

Objects are Dead - Long Live Agents
David A. Taylor, Enterprise Engines, USA

Components: Building Blocks for Automated Business Processes
Martin J. Sprinzen, Forté Software, USA

The Challenge of Components
John Williams, Carolina Power & Light and Object Magazine/Component Strategies, USA

Architecting for Large-Scale Systematic Component Reuse
Martin L. Griss, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, USA

Technical Papers

Design & Patterns

Building an OMT-Editor Using Design Patterns: An Experience Report
B. Wydaeghe, K. Verschaeve, B. Michiels, B. Van Damme, E. Arckens, and V. Jonckers, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

An Object-Oriented Framework for Local Search Heuristics
A.A. Andreatta, S.E.R. Carvalho, and C.C. Ribeiro, PUC-Rio, Brazil

Practical Rules for Reduction on the Number of States of a State Diagram
J. Ma and S. Yu, University of Western Ontario, Canada

Component-Based Development

Modeling Dynamic Component Interfaces
F. Huber, A. Rausch, and B. Rumpe, Munich University of Technology, Germany

Library Interoperability via Inheritance
J. Potter, R. Shelswell, and I. Joyner, Microsoft Research Institute, Macquarie University, Australia

A Protocol Based Approach to Specifying Interoperability between Objects
I.-H. Cho, Clemson University, USA; J.D. McGregor, Clemson University and Software Architects, USA; and L. Krause, Modus Operandi Inc., USA

Collection Types and Implementations in Object-Oriented Software Libraries
G. Menger, J.L. Keedy, M. Evered, and A. Schmolitzky, University of Ulm, Germany

Meta Programming

Declarative Reasoning about the Structure of Object-Oriented Systems
R. Wuyts, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

A Framework Managing Quality of Service Contracts in Distributed Applications
S. Lorcy, N. Plouzeau, and J.-M. Jézéquel, Irisa/CNRS, France

Compilers & Databases

SableCC, an Object-Oriented Compiler Framework
E.M. Gagnon and L.J. Hendren, McGill University, Canada

On Separation between Interface, Implementation, and Representation in Object DBMSs
Y. Leontiev, M.T. Özsu, and D. Szafron, University of Alberta, Canada

Object Life-Cycles in Active Relational Databases
F. Porto, M.J.V. Silva, and S. Carvalho, PUC-Rio, Brazil

Experience Reports

Web Based Virtual Oscilloscope for Underwater Acoustic Signals
D. Alderman, N. Callaghan, T.A. Jones, and G.E. Roberts, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Division Newport, USA

A Virtual Classroom Based on Reusable Object Oriented Components
A. Gavrilovska, V. Trajkovic, and D. Davcev, Sv. Kiril i Metodij University, Macedonia

RASEing Towards a Better Systems Development Tool: The Snowball Experience
T. Ersavas, RASE Inc., USA


MUTANT: A MultiAgent Toolkit for Artificial Life Simulation
S. Calderoni and P. Marcenac, IREMIA, Reunion's Island University, France

GEAMAS V2.0: An Object Oriented Platform for Complex Systems Simulations
J.C. Soulié, P. Marcenac, S. Calderoni, and R. Courdier, IREMIA, Reunion's Island University, France


An Architecture for Unified Dialogue in Distributed Object Systems
A. Larsen and P.D. Holmes, Norwegian Computing Center (NR), Norway

AutoPilot: Experiences Implementing a Distributed Data-Driven Agent Architecture
S.S. Foster, Dept. of Defense, USA; Dana Moore, AT&T Laboratories, USA; and B.A. Nebesh, Dept. of Defense, USA

Data Access and Transportation Services for the CORBA Environment
C.H. Ball and S. Hope, University of Wales, Bangor, UK

Design by Contract

Tool Support for Design by Contract
R. Plösch, Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria

iContract - The Java™ Design by Contract™ Tool
R. Kramer, Cambridge Technology Partners, Switzerland

Using Interface Definition Languages to Support Path Expressions and Programming by Contract
D. Watkins, Monash University, Australia

Language Design

The Interaction of Access Control and Object-Orientation in Extensible Systems
W.C. Hsieh, University of Utah, USA; P. Pardyak, M.E. Fiuczynski, University of Washington, USA; C. Garrett, Reservoir Labs, USA; and B.N. Bershad, University of Washington, USA

Weak Subtyping - Yet Another Notion of Inheritance
W. Löwe, R. Neumann, M. Trapp, and W. Zimmermann, University of Karlsruhe, Germany

Reasoning about Polymorphic Behavior
N. Soundarajan and S. Fridella, The Ohio State University, USA



Adaptable Components for Reuse without Rework
Grady H. Campbell, Prosperity Heights Software, USA

Building Component Software with COM
Raphael Simon, Interactive Software Engineering, USA

Software Component Technologies: JavaBeans and ActiveX
Gilda Pour, San Jose State University, USA

Component-Based Development Concepts, Methods and Tools
Balbir Barn, Sterling Software, UK

Enterprise Architecture and Component Development
Alan Perkins, Visible Systems Corporation, USA


Resolutions of an Object Designer
Todd Lauinger, Cargill, USA

Mastering Software Patterns in C++
Tim DeBruine, SmartPatents, USA

Ada and the Objects
Benjamin M. Brosgol, Aonix, USA

OO Language Comparison: Java, Eiffel and C++
Ian Joyner, Microsoft Research Institute, Australia

Developing COM Business Objects with Visual Basics 5.0
Mitchell Goldstein, Virtual Partners, USA


Object Databases and Multi-Tier Architectures
Nimish Doshi, Versant Object Technology, USA

Real-Time Development with the Shlaer-Mellor Method
Stephen J. Mellor, Project Technology, USA

Creating Internet Applications with Object-Oriented Components
Frieder Monninger, Object Tool Gmbh, Germany

Nuts & Bolts of Object-Oriented Distributed Computing
Murat Karaorman, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Object-Oriented Formal Specifications
Kasi Periyasamy, University of Manitoba, Canada


Modeling Complex Behavior Simply or How Much is Too Much?
Stephen J. Mellor, Project Technology, USA

BON: Seamless, Reversible, Contract-Based Analysis and Design
Kim Waldén, Enea Data, Sweden

Design by Contract: The Eiffel Method
Bertrand Meyer, Interactive Software Engineering, USA

Putting Metaclasses to Work
Ira R. Forman, IBM, USA

Analysis by Contract: An Introduction to UML's Object Constraint Language (OCL)
Richard Mitchell, University of Brighton, UK


Surviving Your OO Project
Alistair Cockburn, Humans and Technology, USA

Managing OO Software Development for the Year 2000 and Beyond
Madhu S. Singh, Bellcore, USA

Object-Oriented Software Estimation
Jerry A. Smith, Semaphore, USA

Software Reuse: Architecture, Process and Organization for Business Success
Martin L. Griss, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, USA

OO Metrics
Christine Mingins, Monash University, Australia

Teaching Object Technology

Using a Multi-Term Project to Teach Object-Oriented Programming and Design
James McKim, Rensselaer at Hartford, USA

Workshops & Panels

Workshop: Developer Testing Object-Oriented Software with Emphasis on Java
Moderator: Donald Firesmith, Storage Technology Corp., USA

Workshop: Java/CORBA Integration Issues
Moderator: Mitchell Goldstein, Virtual Partners, USA

Workshop: Java Virtual Machine - Present and Near Future
Moderator: Qiaoyun Li, Sony Corporation, Japan

Workshop: Component-Based Software Development: Is It the Next Silver Bullet?
Moderator: Gilda Pour, San Jose State University, USA

Panel: Issues in Moving to a Component-Based Industry
Moderator: Bertrand Meyer, ISE, USA

Panel: New Dimensions in OA&D: UML/OML and Beyond
Moderator: Donald Firesmith, Storage Technology Corp., USA

Panel: OOLs in 1998: Fin de Siècle, or Renaissance?
Moderator: Richard Riehle, AdaWorks, USA

Panel: Using Production Rules in Object-Oriented Design
Moderator: Mark Koenig, Butte College, USA

Eiffel Summit

Rescuing a Legacy System as a First Eiffel Project
Hal Webre, Solutia, USA

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